February 28th 11:59pm PST

We have been conducting these art manikin challenges since 2014 and doing so monthly since 2015. Over that time we've given out thousands of dollars in prizes. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see past contest winners and entries. You will also find news about finalists from past months there as well.

Come here every month to find out what the theme of the month is and learn how you too can win free products!




Animation created by Louie Patlingrao. You can see more of Louie's work on or on instagram @loubrication

Submissions should feature three sketches of the same character (one you designed) in three sequential poses derived from this action sequence or one you create with our products. If you don't currently own one of our armatures from which to derive your reference, you can find the individual poses for this sequence below. Once you've completed your artwork hit the submit button at the bottom of this page to send us your entry along with your attribution details.



Submissions can be traditional or digital. But all submissions must be submitted digitally (see "SUBMIT" button below)

Three finalists will be selected by the A9 team. Then the community will vote to determine which one of these three is the grand prize winner. (voting link will appear here after finalists are chosen)

Please include all the attribution details you'd like featured alongside your entry in the body of your email (artist name, website, etc).

If you don't provide any details we will simply credit the name on your email address.

The first and foremost criteria for selecting finalists will be your drawing and conceptual skills, sense of anatomy and 3-dimensionality.


1st → $250

Runner-ups → $50/each


By submitting your entry, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1) You are 18 years of age or older.

2) Your entry is original and created by you alone

3) Derivative works created from poses or sequences we provide is totally fine.

4) Your artwork is derived from one or more poses featured in one of these photos (or one you've taken yourself of an A9-Rig).

5) You will own the entire copyright to the work you derive from armature poses we provide but you grant us the non-exclusive right to publish your artwork here on our website, tumblr and facebook for others to see.

6) If you win any of the prizes, some shipping fees may apply.

7) You can submit as many entries as you like.

8) Please don't include watermarks or text on your artwork. These details can be included (such as websites) beside your submission in text form (your attribution details). But we need the art to be clean so that when judging and voting happens the works can be seen without identifying the artist. Having your signature placed tastefully and inconspicuously within the work is fine.

By clicking the submit button below, you agree
to the terms and conditions specified above

Come back later for a chance to vote on this month's winner once finalists are selected.

Past contest winners

Theme - Quadrupeds
Crista Megee Kaitlyn Kay Rose Diego

Theme - Figure Drawing
Juan Wheyne Rosemary Fung The Mechanikal Jack Langridge Gould

Theme - Creature Concept Art
Lauren Melia Wynja April H Rosemary Fung Cory Carnes (AKA EchidnaQ)

Theme - Line Art
James C Washington III Rory Adams Lynea Flynn Abigail

Theme - Beasts & Riders
Carolyn Popopoka Steve kcdraws

Theme - Beasts & Dragons
Jay Holloway Natasha Amber Steve Devan Mingo

Theme - Dance
Blanche Jake Alicia Carina Salchegger

Theme - Bellic (combat)
Shelby Moser Sam Morstan Sam Ferko Birgitte Gustavsen

Theme - Glamour
Erin Link Ssapdra Jozz Sam Ferko

Theme - Robots
Charlie S. Wagner Jay Holloway Kaarina Makowski Nick Barker

Theme - Realistic Anatomy
Anne Slovick Neve Ellis Justin Martin Ted Terranova

Theme - Composition
Kimarie Balmes Kathryn Ault Noble Ray Williams Lucia Puleo

Theme - Warriors

Theme - No Lines Allowed

Theme - Anthropomorphic

Theme - Villains

Theme - Heroes

Theme - Quadrupeds

Theme - Monsters

Theme - Comics